Optimized and Reliable IT Network Infrastructure with Dcare Services

Your IT Network Infrastructure is the backbone of your entire IT and business operations.

If your network infrastructure is not correctly configured and set up from the foundation, then you can expect issues and problems to arise along the way. 

Even if you already have your IT Network Infrastructure up and running it’s always good practice to continuously monitor, update and perform backups to ensure ongoing reliability and efficiency. 

IT Network Infrastructure Services

At Dcare we can setup your infrastructure from scratch, or evaluate and improve on your current one.

A network infrastructure consists of the following: 

Dcare Software Applications

Software Applications

Dcare Hardware Devices

Hardware Devices

Dcare Hosting


Dcare firewall

Firewalls and Security

Dcare network broadcast

Transmission medium

Depending on the nature of your business there could be more elements to your network, however, these are the fundamentals.  
We will ensure your business is using the best software and hardware for your needs and that your network is setup securely and effectively for ongoing reliability and stability.